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Nativz is a Dallas-based data analytics agency with the goal of tracking, communicating, and optimizing results. The Analytics department performs attribution modeling and comprehensive data analysis in order to bolster and track the effectiveness and profitability of all digital marketing mediums.

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Attribution Modeling

Our customizable attribution modeling allows our clients to effectively know ROI generated from marketing efforts. Our models are granular enough to see the exact amount of leads/sales generated by marketing platforms, channels, and even specific ads. This information gives our clients the power to confidently determine which platforms generate the most results.

Data Visualization & Reporting

We provide our clients with comprehensive data analytics scheduled reports to communicate website, marketing, and SEO metrics. Additionally, we can create live dashboards accessible online 24/7.

Goal Tracking

Our Data Analytics team creates and tracks custom goals dependent on the client’s needs. From phone calls and form submissions to impressions and e-commerce revenue, we take the time to track the business objectives that matter to you most.

Data Scraping

Our data scraping methods allow us to conduct comprehensive industry/competitive analysis in SEO, website performance, display advertising, and search engine marketing. In gathering this data, we are able to effectively assess competitor’s marketing strategy and identify opportunities to exploit via digital marketing and SEO.

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