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Data Analytics

Powerful data analytics are the unsung heroes of any successful plan for online growth. The Nativz data analytics team is an essential conduit between the web team and the marketing team, ensuring that all three departments are making strategic decisions on behalf of our clients that will maximize their overall return on investment.

Services: Data Analytics

Data-Driven Decisions from Start to Finish

Using the data gathered in our advertising campaigns, we carefully examine which strategies resonate most with target audiences and engineer future efforts around the most successful content and configurations. Using the information we gather about our web experiences, we constantly seek new ways to improve user flow, media, and call-to-action experiences, allowing us to incrementally improve the performance and conversion rates on our traffic hubs. This data-driven approach informs all three prongs of our digital marketing triad and guarantees a cohesive, dominant online presence that is sure to drive conversions and maximize returns on ad spend.
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Website/App Analytics

The Nativz data team carefully tracks all aspects of a user's interaction with our websites and applications, using the data to understand exactly how it affects our partners' bottom line.


We analyze how and where users interact with our websites by leveraging advanced heatmap technology to see which buttons are clicked most, how far users scroll, and more.

User REcording

We offer live user recording capabilities on out systems, which allows our development and marketing teams to identify weak points and optimize overall user experience.

Call Reporting

We use enterprise-grade call reporting solutions, allowing clients to see the sources of calls, hear recordings, and improve sales techniques, all from a single custom dashboard.

Customer Relationship Management

Our data team offers complete CRM management and setup, information collection, website integration, and more to help our partners manage and improve customer relationships.

Custom Client Dashboard

Our team develops custom dashboards which allow our clients to quickly pull data at any level, from highly generalized insights to extremely granular data segments.

Fully Transparent

integrated tracking

advanced machine learning

Bespoke Client Dashboards

Conversion focused

Insight-rich data

end-to-end reporting

Our Tactics

Comprehensive Analysis
At Nativz, we like to say that content is king, but data analytics is the queen. We recognize that the content and media we produce for our web platforms, advertising campaigns, and other marketing outlets is only as strong as consumers deem it to be. That is why we always prioritize empirical data when making decisions that concern campaign strategy, and we constantly search for ways to improve and optimize published content for maximum overall efficacy. We employ extensive A/B testing on our ad content, website copy, and visual media and we use powerful analytics tools to develop and maintain a highly dynamic portfolio of campaigns that promise to achieve our clients goals.
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