How to use Laragon | A quick install and setup guide

With Laragon it's easy to get a local development environment up-and-running quickly.

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Getting Started

I have included this lovely video that will help you get up-and-running in less than 10 minutes. However, if you’re not a video person or would rather take your time reading through the setup, here’s the post!

Using a local web development environment is a great way to design and create your website without it being live to the world. 

You get to choose when to share your masterpiece! And let’s be honest, your creation will most likely bring harmony to the earth and align the planets, right? 

Can you imagine putting that kind of power out there before it’s ready? That’s just crazy talk!

You need a tool that is not only powerful but also fast and feature-rich. Enter Laragon, the last tool you will ever need to accomplish your local setup. Currently however, it is only supported for Windows. Though there are many requests out there for Mac and Linux support.


Installing Laragon on Windows

Head on over to Choose the flavor you’re looking for. Laragon supports 64bit and 32bit operating systems. I use the full version as it offers everything out of the box. 

Once installed, simply run it! 

Pro Tip: If you right-click on the Laragon launcher in the Start Menu and choose More > Run as Administrator then you’ll bypass the annoying firewall messages for both the Apache server and the database. I only bring this up because I have sat there for a few minutes not noticing the blinking shield icon in the task bar waiting for me to click to proceed. 

Using Laragon

Congratulations! You’ve installed Laragon! Now how the heck do you use it?

It’s actually quite simple. The below screenshot shows the Control Panel for Laragon. 

Clicking the Start All button will start the server and database. Your dev environment is set up and ready for viewing. But before moving forward we need something to view. 

To create a website in Laragon simply right-click anywhere on the Laragon Control Panel and select Quick app > WordPress. Follow the WordPress steps and presto! You have a WordPress site installed locally on your computer. Customize it, build it, critique it, build it again, love it, all safely on your own machine. Pretty darn cool!

Laragon Settings

By clicking the gear icon you can access preferences (settings). 

In preferences  you can choose whether or not to launch on Windows startup, change the root directory for Laragon, change your ports, and even enable SSL!

So, the next time you’re messing around with XAMPP, WAMP, or Flywheel and it’s not working for you, remember Laragon.

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