Spirit Booster by GandyInk 2019 Case Study

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Spirit Booster by GandyInk

Case Study

SpiritBooster case study

Spirit Booster is rooted in the fanwear business. Their team is backed by one of the largest family-owned screen printing and embroidery businesses in the country. Their founders have been doing this for more than 30 years & formed Spirit Booster specifically for the needs of team, band, and club fundraising. 

Industry: Fundraising, SAAS

Services: Landing Page Creation, CRM Management, PPC Campaign Management, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Lead-Generation

Market Penetration Across The US

The Challenge.

Spirit Booster case study

While Spirit Booster already had a large number of potential customers available due to their connection to GandyInk, their main challenge was how to gain market share, penetrate new markets & beat out their main competition, FanCloth. They are a relatively new company in the industry, which meant there was a limited number of coaches & school administrators who’d recognize their name. 

Nationwide, Statewide, and Local Campaigns

The Solution.

The team at Nativz first began by building an advertising model that could be fully tracked & attributed across different sources. This meant building out their CRM with segmented tracking per campaign in order to track the ROI of each campaign we were running. Once we had finalized the tracking, the fun began.

Our team created a fully dynamic, 5-step digital marketing funnel that captured users and drove them to our landing page (https://try.spiritbooster.com). Ads were launched across a multitude of mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube, and Google Display. Once the user had converted on one of our advertisements, the copywriting on the landing page would dynamically change to adjust to the text and photos to match the sport shown in the advertisement (volleyball, basketball, etc.).

Our campaigns were launched on a National, State, and Local level to help SpiritBooster achieve acquiring as much market share as possible. Our team also scraped the main competitor’s advertisements, and then competed against them with our optimized ad strategy on their same keywords. Our ads consistently dominated the competition and they were none the wiser.

And finally what you are here for...

The Results.

In just three months of working together, Nativz expanded SpiritBooster into 15 new states and over 50 different cities across the United States. These were all new school districts that SpiritBooster had not previously been with, but now had the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with. The picture below shows the deals closed from July 2019 (when the Nativz team was brought on) to the date this article was written, November 2019. We think the graph speaks for itself.

Please note: Deal closing $’s on the lefthand column have been photoshopped out in order to protect the client’s information. 

What the client says...

“Cole, Eric, Raul, and everyone at Nativz are so incredibly great to work with. In the short time they have been working with our account, we have seen exciting and measurable growth. Their easy-going, relateable personalities, along with their skilled, technical marketing strategies make them a perfect partner for any group or business. Thank you!”

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