The top 10 list of SEO tools every marketer should know in 2020.

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SEO specialists and webmasters would give an arm and a leg for a tool that improves SEO and brings in more customers— which most often than not leads to more revenue. In 2020, the search engine optimization industry is estimated to be worth over $80 billion. Though getting all of it is not probable: we doubt that there is a marketer who wouldn’t like to get a share of the takings and get ushered into 2020 with the sound of a constantly ringing cash register. Thus we arm you with marketing tools that help you sharpen your efforts in the SEO landscape and go a curve beyond the competition. And it doesn’t only have to be about cold hearted cash. If you’re looking to use SEO for more than just monetary gains, know that that too can also be easily achieved with the right tool from this list. Our Data Analytics Team believes the most faithful and considerate of marketers and webmasters reading this will give 3 minutes devoted to these 10 essentials that have increased the authority and revenues of others just like them for the past 10 years and beyond. All of this is delivered in bite-sized and powerful snippets that can get them executing just as quick as top search engine optimization experts do. And you aren’t obligated to using all 10 of them as much of SEO can be broken into 4 core functions:
  1. Keyword research
  2. Link-analysis
  3. Website & traffic metrics
  4. On-page element optimization
These 4 serve as a compass that you can refer to whilst reading this guide. REMEMBER: there is no right or wrong choice: just one that is right for your business/brand. Examine these 10 SEO tools at our expense and feel no obligation whatsoever to make a choice right away. Even if you find a tool or two that are relevant to you, know that most of them are available for you to try out for free and quit at any time if you’re not satisfied. Those that require an investment cost no more than what you would expect to pay for in getting the ultimate of effectiveness & efficiency they will afford you.  Ready to begin?.. Ahrefs
Marketers looking to strengthen their link-profile can rely on Ahrefs’s massive data index of back-links. This massive index is owed to Ahrefs being the second largest and most efficient crawler available on the web, It is also effective as a rank tracking and competitor analysis tool A website’s Ahrefs ranking relies on the quality and quantity of back-links, which can quickly be analyzed using the Ahrefs SEO audit tool. The overall strength of your domain’s back-links is measured from 1 to 100 through a scale called DR (Domain Rating). A high DR is preferable and can help with the likelihood of other authority websites linking back to you. This overview applies to your domain and your competitors. It’s much more effective now as the latest string of broad-core algorithm updates favor white-hat SEO and penalize black-hat tactics. Here is more of what you will get out of Ahrefs:
  • Targeted Keywords
  • Organic Keywords
  • URL Rating
  • Referring Domains
You can get in-depth insights about your website’s SEO available as an overview with reports, graphs and data sets. Ahrefs can also be used as a content marketing strategy tool. Its capacity for competitor analysis will show you which content is dominant in the SERPS and will also allow you more accurate keyword opportunities. MozPro
If you’re looking for a web-based SEO tool that makes your website run like a well-oiled machine, look no further than Moz Pro. Even though it can crawl over 200 billion URLs, it is the least technical of most SEO tools available right now and offers marketers a lighter user experience. Analyzing competitors, getting quality back-links and avoiding penalties is easier done with Moz Pro and can usually bring back an automated report within 15-30 minutes of processing. Some of its main functions include:
  1. Site Tracking
  2. Back-link analysis
  3. Site Crawling
It has several strengths in its arsenal but is largely favored for two of them, which are available in both the free and paid subscription. Respectively: Keyword Explorer and Open Site Explorer. Keyword Explorer: Every marketer needs to get on the Moz Pro paid medium plan. You will get 5.000 queries from Keyword Explorer billed at $149 per month. This is more generous than the free version which only gives you 20 queries. Nonetheless, most people can enjoy some of the benefits with convenience of using it from their browsers when they download it as a free toolbar named MozBar. Open Site Explorer: There is no daily limit on the paid subscription of Moz Pro. It gives you access to accurate and organizesd social data while reducing spam such as duplicate content and other elements prone to Google penalties. A paid Moz Pro subscription unlocks the following:
  • Campaigns
  • RankTracker
  • Crawl Test
  • On-Page Grader
SEMRush is an SEO and a social listening tool that caters effectively for establishments following a SaaS model. It was created as an in-house tool but was later shared with the marketing world to help with the following:
  • Paid Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing & Public Relations
It is considered as a proactive keyword recommendation and suggestion tool. Besides having a large engine that can return 3 million suggestions from one seed keyword, Ahrefs capacity for filtering search results by showing insights that can be toggled between mobile and desktop search traffic adds to its prestige. It has extended its mobile search database that catered strictly to the United States and has since been enhanced to an international database. It now features results from most European countries. You can also search for keywords and keyword phrases in other locations due to this enhancement. SEMRush’s keyword and traffic breakdowns are exceptional at conducting analyses for your domain and your competitors. It features a comparison tool for Domain vs Domain situations, where you pit your domain against a competitor’s domain which can be accessed by clicking on the projects tab on the left-hand navigation of SEMRush’s dashboard. The information is made available through white-label reports and can be shared with teams for collaborative efforts. Its let-down is not having keyword list management.
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • Competitive Intelligence
For marketers who are looking for profitable keywords, KWFinder is one of the keyword tools said to have the most accurate keyword difficulty scores which can be accessed in real-time, drawn from immediate search engine optimization metrics. It’s one of 5 of Mangools Search engine optimization tools that are believed to lend to a database said to have over a billion keywords that are organized and made available in list-form. You can import these keywords in bulk.
  • Domain Authority
  • Social Signals
  • External links
  • Page Authority
The Google Suggestion Integration feature allows marketers to manage high volume keywords research and filter out unnecessary and unprofitable options. You can narrow your research down to target local area results. KWFinder will give the benefit of choosing from over 40 languages to tailor your marketing strategies for hyper-local targeting and help you dominate a specific area of your niche. Google Console
Google Search Console is one of Google’s Webmasters tools that get shelved out yearly to improve the efforts of marketing professionals. The GSC tool is free and requires you to create an account, simply adding an HTML tag to your website, and waiting to get verified by Google as the website owner. After this is sorted, you can then make and modify changes to your website that improve search visibility and enjoy real-time indexing among other benefits. Besides highlighting which keywords and key-phrases are used frequently and which platforms/devices are used to get to your website, GSC helps you curate better content by giving you an overview on which Google rich cards and snippets are helping users find you through Google rich results. Adding to its main focus on monitoring the visibility of a website in the SERPs and analyzing the traffic it gets, there are other benefits a marketer can take advantage of. The capacity to fix errors is one of them. You can fix coding issues, broken links, AMP compliance issues, locale site errors, loading speed and other indexing problems on the tool’s interface.
There’s a lot of things you can optimize with the GSC tool, to keep track: just tap on the “Appearance” tab to access insightful reports Answer the Public
search engine optimisation tools
For marketers who are looking for a tool that goes beyond conventional keyword research, Answer The Public is a great pick. ATP is a goldmine of insight for marketers looking to take advantage of both search engines Google and Bing. It serves as a keyword-research and PR tool that can shave off the hours of effort in coming up with successful campaigns. There is both a free and a paid Pro Plan available for users. Both work well when you already have a topic in mind and are looking for hints and answers behind what the people typing in search queries in both search engines are looking for. Your marketing team can use it for data-rich media coverage reports or content ideas that start a conversation in your niche. It’s also essential for the SEO that allows this interesting and relevant content to be found once published. It is widely known for long-tail keywords. A search query should bring back keyword results that have a buying intent and get you closer to knowing what the public is searching for. Typing in a query in the search-bar of its unique interface—found on their landing page—will return a generous 967 keywords. That is 267 more keywords than you would find in a premium version of its counterpart KWFinder. This is a generous amount considering that all 967 keywords can be freely accessed using the free edition of the tool.
search engine optimisation
The unique interface returns the keywords and presents them in both a traditional keyword list and in a visually enticing circle design without any compromise to the data. Ubersuggest
search engine marketing tool
This is one of the highly used keyword tools available to marketers. SEO guru Neil Patel is responsible for bringing this free keyword tool to the SEO world. Besides having a great user experience an Ubersuggest search query is met with an unlimited number of helpful keyword phrase suggestions and quantitative data to match. You can look forward to getting the following insights:
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Ranking
  • Seasonal trends
  • Volume
  • CPC
You can also use Ubersuggest as a marketing strategy tool by analyzing and reverse engineering what your competitors are up to with the Top SEO pages report and back-link insights. This data is accessible on the tool’s interface and can help enhance efficiency in SEO audits and boost your marketing efforts for content and social media strategies.
search engine optimisation content strategy
UberSuggest’s overview can either be used to peek what keywords your competitors are using, the variety and volume of back-links they have used, which social shares and likes they are getting for their content, and plenty of other insightful information you can leverage towards ranking better and becoming an authority in your niche. SPYFU
Competitor analysis tool
No matter which industry you’re in or the size of your establishment, competitive intelligence is vital to your relevancy. Knowing what competitors are doing is necessary to halve the time you put into optimizing your campaigns and also knowing the successful implementation of what works in your marketplace/niche- overall, making you a smarter marketer. You could be one keyword, back-link or any other optimization away from ranking better than your neighbors and winning more customers. Getting an edge over your competitor is knowing exactly what they are doing and fine-tuning search engine optimization elements and strategies that separate you from them. This could be broadening a keyword, getting a better back=link strategy, or even offering their audience what they aren’t or are taking for granted. This kind of information requires a special kind of tool to monitor their activity. SpyFu gives you exactly that, it is a cloud-hosted tool that offers historically recorded data on any website that is indexed in Google. Their best organic keywords, sales leads and contacts, social media data, domain SEO reports and a full 9 years of a domain’s activity in Google Ads. You can also get tools that monitor search engine optimization and paid search activity on Bing and Yahoo. Look forward to these:
  • Domain Searches
  • Paid keywords
  • Back-links
  • 9+ years of Google Ads ranking history( organic & SEM)
  • Sales Leads
SpyFu has a free trial available if you want to try it out for yourself. It also offers three plans to fit all businesses and enterprises ranging from $33-$299 in both a monthly and annual subscription. Yoast SEO Plugin
search engine marketing tool Yoast
search engine optimization content is quite tricky and can be a handful when carried out manually. Even though 300 words is the minimum length for an article to qualify as an authority, placing signposts or guidelines without technical help can take a lot of valuable time and head-space. I can’t imagine a marketer optimizing long-form posts without this. Yoast SEO plugin is a content analysis tool that can be used to take care of most of the groundwork that is required for efficient content optimization. The benefits extend beyond SEO and can be used to help get your content in shape to make it readable and scannable. Just take a look at the following readability optimizations:
  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Passive voice usage
  • Transition word usage
  • Flesch reading ease
It helps you create a meta description, which is the text that will appear in Google under your URL when people search for the exact term you are ranking for. Some of its other search engine optimization benefits are:
  • LSI
  • Social data
  • Keyword density
  • Back-links
  • Focus key-phrase
search engine marketing tool
Buzzstream is a link-building and email outreach tool. It lets you access relevant links that are approved by Google and works hard to ensure that you won’t get penalized, thus boosting your outreach link building. When looking to do an email campaign, looking for bloggers or influencers, BuzzStream cuts down the legwork involved in outreach by automating the following processes:
  • Researching for prospects and their email addresses.
  • Supplying marketers with email outreach templates
  • Tracking conversion and response rates
  • Sending follow-up emails to your prospects
You can manage your data and workflows in one place without having to use notepads or cross-reference excel spreadsheets. The time-efficient Discovery feature helps you find and evaluate prospects by just typing in your query into the search bar. This is great for finding influencers and bloggers in your niche. The letdown is finding people who aren’t active in engaging in your niche within the results. You should set the ‘Last activity’ feature to a recent date to avoid this. Installing BuzzStream’s additional feature ‘BuzzMarker,’ which is an email scraping tool, gives you access to valid email addresses from any website you are on. You can also collaborate with your team by sharing work-flows within your browser. This is great for managing and tracking your campaigns. Conclusion Much of being effective at SEO relies on quantitative data that can be missed by even the most cautious of marketers. Thus these hyper-focused allies should be in every marketers tool-kit. These SEO tools are great for fast-tracking your growth and keeping your desktop or mobile website compliant. You are welcome to use as many as you like but are advised to pick just a few, preferably one, that caters specifically to you and your team’s needs.

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