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Nativz uses high-performing web applications, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and next-generation analytics tools to create full-stack digital solutions for small to mid-sized companies.

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Cutting-Edge Design for Beautiful Brand and Campaign Experiences

Nativz offers full-service design packages for companies both large and small. From original website designs to eye-catching out-of-home advertisements, the Nativz design team is your trusted source for any and all kinds of creative media. Nativz will work closely with your company to execute your vision in a precise and professional manner.

Our services include:

Website & Application Development

Wix, etc.
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Content Creation

Short-form content production for any social media platform including:
– TikTok
– Facebook
– Instagram
– and more

Commercial production for:
– Digital
– Streaming
– Connected TV (CTV) campaigns

Print Materials
Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising
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Branding & Logo Design

Brand identity kits
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Graphic Design

Marketing materials
Custom icons
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Motion Graphics


Lucrative Paid Media Campaigns That Generate Tangible & Trackable Results

Your online endeavors are only successful when you reach the right people. Nativz uses innovative marketing techniques and data-driven tactics to develop an impactful portfolio of ad campaigns. Get the most bang for your advertising buck and deliver the right message at just the right time. 

The Army of Nerds at Nativz specializes in the creation of Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)-centered campaigns that prove their worth and grow with your brand.

Our services include:

Facebook Ad Network

Facebook Audience Network
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Google Ad Network

Google Display Network
YouTube Network Placements
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Tiktok Ad Network

Take advantage of short-form video content by trusting the team that leverages over five million TikTok followers to fulfill our clients’ paid media goals.
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Programmatic Over-the-Top (OTT) Networks

Unleash the power of programmatic advertising channels across the world thanks to the Nativz programatic partnership network.
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Out-of-Home Networks

With eye-catching smart billboards and beautifully crafted print placements, the Nativz team uses the power of digital ads to make out-of-home advertising into a powerful revenue generator.
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Performance TV Networks

Run highly-trackable Performance TV Campaigns locally or nationwide to engage users watching America’s top streaming platforms, including Netflix, YouTube, and more.
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Comprehensive Real-time Analytics and Insights for Continued Success

Data is the key that unlocks continued success for your business. Every marketing decision should be made with the support of powerful analytics. By leveraging advanced analytics technologies, machine learning tools, and numerous collected data points, Nativz will provide your company as much performance insight as possible to evolve with a constantly-changing digital landscape and forge the path for ongoing success.

Nativz provides its partners with access to real-time online dashboards that provide total clarity on the success of their ad campaigns across eighty-eight different platforms.
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Case Studies

  • wingstop case study
    Paid Social Advertising Drives Takeout/Delivery Orders
    How we utilized dynamic location ads to drive local delivery/takeout orders for WingStop locations across the United States.
    Download Case Study
  • mattel case study
    Out-of-Home Advertising Takeover in DFW for Classic Family Favorite Card Game
    How we utilized a combination of static/digital billboards around Dallas, Texas to produce tens of millions of impressions, drive awareness, and generate app downloads for Phase 10/Mattel
    Download Case Study
  • typhoon texas case study
    Waterpark Marketing Strategy Yields Record-Breaking sales
    How our 360-degree growth marketing strategy overhauled Typhoon Texas' approach to paid media and data-driven decision making.
    Download Case Study
  • rujo boots case study
    Growth Marketing Strategy for a New Cowboy Boot Brand
    How we utilized 360-degree growth marketing/advertising tactics to launch and scale RUJO Boots.
    Download Case Study
  • hwy 30 case study
    Country Music Festival Promo Efforts Lead to Biggest Turnout Yet
    How our promotional tactics helped Idaho's largest music festival increase their online ticket sales revenue by 158%.
    Download Case Study
  • debtblue case study
    Pay-Per-Click marketing for Financial Services & Debt Consolidation Company
    Comprehensive growth marketing services produce new online presence, paid media strategy and conversion tracking system for DebtBlue.
    Download Case Study
  • galleria case study
    Experiential Exhibit and Event Marketing Strategy for Shopping Center
    How our approach and collaboration with Bayer Motus helped the Galleria Dallas earn three ICSC Maxi Awards and establish year-round profit from recurring exhibits.
    Download Case Study
  • body ecology case study
    Digital Marketing for Supplements and Nutrition Brand
    How our optimizations to Body Ecology's paid media strategy led to a 98% increase in Facebook and Instagram returns on ad spend.
    Download Case Study
  • ben abbott case study
    Cross-Channel Marketing for a Personal Injury Law Firm
    Building a trackable cross-channel media strategy for Dallas-based personal injury powerhouse Ben Abbott & Associates.
    Download Case Study
  • nabooki case study
    Agile Web Project for International Marketplace Technology Business
    Expedient website design and development work for Australia-based company Nabooki leads to massive increases in website inquiries and conversions.
    Download Case Study
  • sothebys case study
    Driving Relevant Traffic to Luxury Real Estate Listings
    Utilizing digital strategy to send highly relevant traffic to the Nobles Baldwin agent team website.
    Download Case Study
  • aventon case study
    Public Relations for Commercial Real EState Company
    Ongoing public relations and corporate communications management helps Aventon Companies break ground on properties across the United States.
    Download Case Study
  • washify case study
    Targeted B2B Ad Efforts and Website Design Reach Niche Segments of the Car WAsh industry
    How our integrated marketing funnel helped our client increase calls, leads, deals won, and total value of contracts secured.
    Download Case Study
  • jamnola case study
    Art Exhibit Marketing Strategy Helps NOLA Pop-Up Thrive During Pandemic
    How our team generated $500,000 in event ticket sales revenue with just $50,000 in ad spend—a 10X return.
    Download Case Study
  • snowday case study
    Marketing Success for Holiday Pop-Up Series
    Using omni-channel marketing strategies and consultation for holiday pop-up event Snowday in Dallas-Fort Worth.
    Download Case Study
  • decks in the park case study
    Dallas Music Festival Marketing Strategy
    Developing a successful marketing strategy for a music festival series in Dallas.
    Download Case Study
  • d magazine case study
    Magazine Subscription and Event Promotion
    Generating print subscriptions and event attendees for the Dallas-based D Magazine.
    Download Case Study
  • per se case study
    Encouraging Virality with YouTube Advertising
    How we used $150 in YouTube ad spend to generate hundreds of thousands of views.
    Download Case Study
  • parking company of america case study
    Map Advertising for Airport Parking
    Utilizing paid social advertising to generate leads for credit solution company.
    Download Case Study
  • msi case study
    Lead Generation for Credit Repair Organization
    Utilizing paid social advertising to generate leads for credit solution company.
    Download Case Study
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Solving the Problems of Today

With the Strategies of Tomorrow

Lead Magnet Creation

We combine customized, funnel-based content with sales-oriented landing pages to deliver streamlined user journeys.

Lead & Conversion tracking

From browser-based campaign tracking to advanced server-side tagging configuration, the Army of Nerds will ensure your ROAS metrics are always accurate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An entire department of Nativz is dedicated to SEO. Our partners dominate industry keywords, bringing in millions of web visitors every month.

Press Releases & Syndication

Nativz publicists will get your brand featured on mainstream publications and set up interviews with targeted direct media outreach.

Viral Content Creation

The Nativz content team has reached billions of devices with the organic content we developed for our partners—chances are, you have already seen our work.

Strategy & Consultation

Need a second opinion on your company’s marketing strategies? We’ve got you covered. From fractional CMO services to part-time consultants, we are here to help.
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